Terms and Conditions

This form must be signed by both the student and the parent/legal guardian (if under 18 year or age) to ensure both parties understand the following policies and procedure. If over 18, applicant birth date should be placed in lieu of parental signature.

Our program is fully approved by Ministry of Transportation.

1 -Course consist of 20 hours online session and 10 hours in car session. To successfully complete the course, students are required to fully complete all parts of program and they must at least obtain 70%On both online and in car sessions.

Student must complete the whole program within one year of start the program.

MTO rules stipulate that all applicants MUST complete and pass 20 hours online class, 10 hours on road.

Please note the right of any remaining instruction with Road Alert will be forfeited after one year.

2-The course fee, including taxes and MTO fee is $675. If you like to have a payment plan than first installment is $250. The Remaining amount must be paid be starting in car sessions. The amount is refundable if your registration is cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. Late cancellation is subject to a $50 administration fee.

3-After signing the form and receiving the payment (full or half payment) You will receive a confirmation email from us.

4-Once the online portion is completed and full payment is received than the in-car training can be started. (You must have a G1 license to start in car lessons and bring your license in each in car driving sessions. Our in-car driving instructor will contact you within 20 days after completing you online session.

5-There is a 15 minute grace period to be honored by both the student and the instructor.

If you want to cancel an in car lesson, student required a 24 hours’ notice in advance otherwise to be charged a fee of $50 for one hour session or $60 for two hours session. (Medical reasons are exempted).

6-School will provide free pick and drop off in stoney creek, Hamilton,Grimsby, Beamsville but extra charges applied for students place of living out of above city’s.

7-Student will be given a driving test on their last in car session and must obtain 70% to qualify for MTO certification.

8-Car rental on day is NOT included in the whole course fee. You can rent an instructor car with an extra fee which includes a warmup lesson before the test.

Please note the right of any remaining instruction with Road Alert will be forfeited after one year.

I have read and understand the information presented above.

I consent to release of any information contained here to MTO, Insurance Bureau of Canada and MTO course inspector.


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