Beginner Driver Education

Beginner Driver Education Online Classroom

A Ministry Approved Certificate Program that is curated to develop your driving experience from the ground up and get you through the G1 written exam.

We offer a fully digital online program which allows self-directed and self-paced learning.
You can study from home and from your own computer.

About the program

  • Online driving courses are fully approved by the Ministry of Transportation
  • Driving courses are certified and recognized by insurance companies
  • Upon completion of our driving course you may qualify for maximum insurance discounts and you will be eligible to take your G2 road test four months sooner

Total fee which includes MTO fee+HST = $675

You can start the program soon after you register and make your payment.
You will receive access link within 48 hrs.

Once your registration has been confirmed and we have received your payment, you will be sent a user name and password by email to begin the course. Our online BDE course is provided through a digital platform where the course content is provided to the student to complete at their own pace. Each student will create their own profile to which they can login and complete work as they go. There is no expected amount of time a student is to spend on the course daily. There are no zoom classes to attend.

All of the course content is uploaded and is available to complete at the student’s convenience. Once the theory part of the online program is completed the student will then advance to the assignments (homework) to which they can again complete on their own time and submit online. There is a course completion deadline of one year, the student must finish the online portion as well as the driving lessons within this time frame.

Once you have completed the online part of our training, one of our driving instructors will contact you to schedule on road lessons.

Course Content

20 hours of online lessons
  • Unique and interactive curriculum.
  • Safe driving techniques
  • Defensive and cooperative driving
  • Collision avoidance
  • Proper observation skills
  • Time and space management
  • Distractions; peer pressure
  • Alcohol and other impairments


10 hours of on-line independent homework
  • Computer related studies. A package of on-line lessons, assignments, and traffic surveys.
10 hours of in-car lessons
  • Free pick-up and drop-off from school, home, or workplace within Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, and Dundas.
  • ONE-ON-ONE, individual approach and attention given to only one student at the time
  • Basic driving maneuvers
  • Major intersections
  • Parking maneuvers
  • Collision avoidance and evasive actions
  • Country and rural driving
  • One way streets; down town
  • Freeway driving; QEW, HWY 403, Red Hill, Lincoln Alexander Expressway
  • Preparation for a driver’s test; exam area

Course Content

Session 1
  1. Importance of traffic laws and regulations
  2. Traffic control devices
  3. Quiz
Session 2
  1. Basic Vehicle components
  2. Pre-Trip checks circle checks
  3. Quiz
Session 3
  1. Safe and responsible vehicle control
  2. Safe and responsible handling of the vehicle under various conditions
  3. Collision avoidance and basic maneuvers
  4. Principles of skid control and slide control
Session 4
  1. Adjusting driving behavior for different driving conditions
  2. Control over emotions
  3. Positive driving attitudes and behaviors
  4. Responsible and informed decision marking
  5. Quiz
Session 5
  1. Safe and responsible response to emergency situations
  2. Leadership in promoting safe driving
  3. Environmentally conscious and efficient driving behaviour
  4. Lifelong learning approach to driving
  5. Module quiz
Session 6
  1. Co-operative driving
  2. Appropriate communication with other road users
  3. Quiz
Session 7
  1. Safe and responsible actions related to impaired driving
  2. Distracted Driving
  3. Managing attention
  4. Quiz
Session 8
  1. Safe and proper observation skills
  2. Accurate perception of personal limits, abilities and risk tolerance
  3. Accurate risk perception
  4. Recognition and avoidance of common collision situations
  5. Potential hazards of driving and effective responses
  6. Effective decision marking to ensure safe driving
  7. Driving actions to minimize risk
  8. Quiz