G Class Refresher

At Road Alert Driving Academy, we want you to feel confident behind the wheel before your road test. We understand it’s possible you may have developed some bad driving habits over the past year. Don’t worry, the driving instructors at our driving school will get you back on track with this lesson! We’ll take you through the possible test routes including driving on the highway and help prepare you for your G road test.

We’re here to help restore your confidence before your final road test to become a fully licensed driver!

What Can You Expect?

Our G Refresher Course includes a complete review of the skills that are necessary to pass your G test.

  • Safe highway driving including entering, exiting and lane changes
  • Review use of mirror & checking blind spots three-point turns
  • Left and right turns at small and large intersections
  • Parallel parking skills
  • Emergency roadside stops

Program Overview

We provide free pick up and drop off at home or school for all behind-the-wheel lessons. And, we offer a payment plan at no additional charge.

Every car has its blind spots, and every driver has skills they could improve. We offer personalized refresher lessons for drivers looking to improve their abilities and confidence in specific areas. These personalized refresher lessons are also a great way to get ready for a road test or upgrade driving skills.

The length of each lesson varies according to the driver’s needs, but in-car training can run for one hour.